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We are the Pottstown Judo Club, located in Pottstown Pennsylvania, USA. We are run as a program by the Pottstown Parks and Recreation Department of the Pottstown School District.

Please feel free to visit there web site to learn more about our schools, as well as visit the Borough of Pottstown information site to learn more about our town and area.

About the Club

Our head instructor is Mr. Fred Eddinger who is a 4th Degree Black Belt; his wife Debbie is a 3rd Degree Black Belt. Mr. Eddinger has served on the promotion board of United States Judo and he and his wife are both nationally certified judo referees and coach's, with over 40 years of experience between them.

Our youth instructor is Mr. Richard Favinger, Jr. who holds the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. Mr. Favinger has over 20 years of experience in judo and is proud to be one of the original Pottstown Judo Club members who have studied under club founder, Dr. Frank Heifer, a 6th Degree Black Belt (Former Superintendent of Schools for Pottstown) in his youth.

We routinely invite other instructors from other judo clubs in the area to come share and teach. Contact Us.

Instructor Roster
  • Head Instructor, Sensei, Fred Eddinger, 4th Dan Black Belt - Certified National Judo Referee and Coach
  • Assistant Head Instructor, Sensei, Debbie Eddinger, 3rd Dan Black Belt - Certified National Judo Referee and Coach
  • Youth Instructor, Sensei, Richard Favinger, Jr., 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Assistant Instructor, Sensei, Andy Keegan, 1st Dan Black Belt - Certified Judo Coach and Coach for the Blind
Frequent Guest Instructors
  • Visiting Sensei, Joseph Condello, 5th Dan Black Belt - Former US Judo Elite Athlete
  • Visiting Sensei, Marc Vink, 5th Dan Black Belt - Head Coach for the US World Blind Judo Team
  • Visiting Sensei, Paul Latimer, 2nd Dan Black Belt - Certified Coach for Blind Judo Athletes
  • Visiting Sensei, Lindsey Keck, 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Visiting Sensei, Scott Rakowski, 1st Dan Black Belt

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