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Judo Class Rules

Basic Rules for Students and Notes for Parents


We want every one who comes to our class to have FUN, but above all be SAFE as well. Here are just a few rules we would like you to fallow, they are mostly common sense. Should you have any questions, please contact one of our instructors!


Keep it Safe

  • PARENTS NOTE: It is required that you, an ADULT, or a guardian (not a sibling) accompanies your child TO and FROM class. You must come INTO THE BUILDING to pick your child up, so we see and know whom they leave with. This is a Pottstown School District rule and is therefore a club rule. This is for your child’s safety.
  • Padding and protective gear is normally not needed. Ask sensei if you have need. Some sports pads or guards may not be allowed in judo.
  • If you have any type of medical condition … Please tell us so we can help keep you safe! If you have braces … Invest in a good mouth guard; this is HIGHLY recommended! If you have Asthma … Bring your inhaler just incase!
  • Hair
  • All jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces, watches (ANY hard object). Are not permitted during practices and they must be removed. People with long hair, you should tie it back with a hair band. Hard plastic and metal hair clips, beads or pins are not permitted.
  • Horseplay is strictly forbidden, before, during and after class!
  • Practicing of judo outside of the dojo or "Fooling Around" with judo techniques outside of class is strictly forbidden; performing judo on some who is not trained may severally hurt or maybe even kill. (It is a martial art after all). Use only what you have been taught in situations of imminent or life threatening danger. Failure to fallow this rule will result in immediate dismissal from class.
  • Please remember only your sensei may teach judo. Do not "teach" judo to your friends. If they want to learn, invite them to class, every one is welcome!

Keep it Clean

  • Judo is a physical close contact activity. If you are ill, please DON'T come to class. If you have a contagious infection (Pink Eye, etc.) please DON'T come to class. Just give one of our instructors a call or send us an e-mail telling us you won't be in.
  • Please make sure your workout clothes or uniform is clean, and maintained. (A clean uniform shows respect!) Keep your body clean! Take a bath or shower before class if need be; wear deodorant or antiperspirant. Make sure your feet are clean and your toenails and fingernails are trimmed SHORT. Getting scratched really hurts and can cause infection!
  • Bring something like sandals or slippers (we call them Zoris in Japanese) you can easily slip on and off your feet to walk off the mat; for going to the bathroom and getting dinks for breaks; we keep our mats as clean as possible. (This also shows respect for the art.) Always have Zoris on your feet when off the mat! If you must use the bathroom, do so before class! If you must go during class, ASK first!

Be Respectful

  • Arrive to class on time, and be ready to learn (Just like school). Have your judo-gi for all practice sessions and keep your belt tied properly; always have Zoris (sandals or slippers) on you feet when off the mat. Female judokas always wear a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT under the judo-gi. (IJF Rule)
  • The dojo is a safe and supportive learning environment. Making fun of some one, picking, name calling, profanity or discrimination of ANY KIND will not be tolerated. Failure to fallow this rule may result in a dismissal.
  • Use the correct forms of standing and kneeling bows. Always bow before going on or off the mats; at the start and end of class with sensei and always bow to classmates before beginning a workout with them. (In Japan the bow is equivalent to a hand-shake and shows respect.)
  • Respect your instructors, coaches, classmates, parents or other guests at all times. Listen to you instructors and coaches and respect any higher rank then you at all times. Look at them when they are speaking and pay attention. When sitting, sit cross-legged or in kneeling bow position NEVER lay on the mat!
  • As a member of the Pottstown Judo Club, you represent the public image of the club at events and outside the dojo; we expect every one who is a member to act accordingly, with respect and as a role model to others in the community.
  • Respect yourself, always do your best at any thing you do in life, always strive for perfection. Jika no Kansei - Strive for Perfection (as a whole person) - Dr. Kano, Founder of Judo
  • Seek to practice with higher-ranking opponents or sensei; it's how you get better!
  • Always do good in school. Remember judo is a privilege. Schoolwork always comes before judo. Parents, if grades start to drop, please let us know.
  • Parents if you have an issue or problem with a student, or questions of any kind; please talk with one of our instructors. Or contact them. We value your input.
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Adding it all up…

Respect Each Other
Help Each Other
Be Supportive
Be Courteous
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